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Michael Lindsey with his 2011 harvest.
I took this 11 point at 5pm on Nov. 28 at 50 yards. This is my biggest buck taken with a bow to date.
He scored 146 1/8” and weighed in at 190lbs. I will have him officially scored once he is back from the taxidermist.


Toby Basinger 21 point2008 

Toby Basinger with his 21 point
Here is Toby's big buck he killed on November 27th, 2008. It weighed 195
- 21 points. Thanksgiving day blessing. He will be scored at the Backwoods show in


Jack Johnson with his Buck


aaron roberts 2008

Aaron Roberts


julie devine

Julie Devine First Deer!


Karl Recknagel

Photobucket Miles Blair


Sonia and Clint Thornbrugh 
Shown with Sonia's 11point buck she got November 2008 shot with her Hoyt bow
this was my first out of state hunt...
the product of a birthday present from my husband - Iowa buck tags!
I took this buck in November of 2008.
It was a 40 yard shot from the ground.
He ended up as an 11 pointer due to a broken tine on his left side. 
You can see from the picture he had been fighting a lot and
lost several inches of tine on several points on his left side.
None-the-less, he's the best buck I've taken with my Hoyt and I was super excited...still am! :)




Jim Taylor
I got him in MS hunting with my Dad

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