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Serving those Warriors that epitomize Honor, Valor, and Sacrifice.
To reach, recognize, and refresh active and prior service Exceptional Warriors using outdoor therapeutic recreational and sporting events.

The FEW assists in the healing process of the families and veterans of the Combat Wounded,those recognized for valorous actions, and Special Operations; regardless of era, by providing therapeutic recreational and sporting events to enhance their mental and physical health and to better allow for successful reintegration.

Horse Soldier Statue Charitable Drawing

A small replica of the 16 foot tall larger than life bronze America’s Response Memorial statue which was erected at Ground Zero, near the World Trade Center, New York City on October 19, 2012 has been entered into a charitable drawing with proceeds benefiting The FEW. Click Here to Purchase Tickets.

Why the FEW?

After more than a decade of sustained conflict and multiple deployments, we now have entire generations of service members, veterans and military families who know nothing but War and that War comes home with them. Statistics show more veterans are dying from suicide, 18-22 per day, than in combat operations.

The FEW We Serve

The Foundation defines “Exceptional Warriors” as the “operators” within the Special Operation Forces community, those heroes recognized by the DOD for valorous actions, and the warriors that have been combat wounded. As General Patreus said: “They walk the point for our Nation.”

We Are The FEW

Founded by the same men it serves, the mission of the FEW is to conscientiously impact the most under-served of all military communities: the SOF Operators, the Valorous and the Combat Wounded. We work alongside local communities, businesses and organizations to save veteran's lives.

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