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There will be two 20 target ranges, one for 30 yards and in and one for 40 yards and out. After you shoot your 20 targets your scorecard will go in hopper for prizes to be given away on Sunday September 5th following shootoffs. There is $250 payout for first place in open class, mens hunter, womens hunter, and tradition classes and $350 for pro class to be determined by top five shooters in each class on a 5 target shootoff on Sunday to begin at 9:00 a.m. Also will be random five drawn from each class for a one target shootoff for $100.Belt buckles will be awarded in all classes including youth.Entry fee is $30 except pro class is $50. There will be a simms range, a pick five, and water jug challenge so everyone bring extra arrows for the fun. Following Saturday shoot at 6:00 we ask all our friends to stay and help celebrate the joining of Dave Oles and Amy Honeycutt in marriage. If you have any questions you may contact Elisha Plum at (918) 991-9441 or Darrel Trout (918)640-3388.

Creek County Archer's

CCA Shootout

in Bristow oklahoma

at Coyotebluff archery range

CCA Shootout results

This is the RESULTS FROM 2009 Shoot
We had 221 tournament rounds purchased and 36 Fun Rounds.

OK Here are the top five from every class:

Pro Class
Jason Robison $430
Chad Hilburn $260
Luke Pettigrew $170
Kurt Page
Vaughan McLain

Men's Open Class
Frank Welch $250
Brandon Mack $160
John Carter $90
Dave Oles $80
Casey Marks

Women's Open
Tiffany Page $250
Jen Mack $45
Stacey Phetteplace

Men's Hunter
Bret Steward $650
Ricky Taylor $310
Justin Battenfield $280
John Gibson $220
Brian North $200

Women's Hunter
Julie Gordon $250
Tina Williams $165
Mary Roberts $105
Amber Barrett $65
Kendra Banks

Ryan Ramsey $250
David Plum $130
Tom Maples $80
Terry Lewellen
Justin Fisher

Sandy Biles $250
Ryan Ramsey $130
Justin Fisher $80
Todd Ray $45

Young Adult
Joseph Welch
Eric Dalton Whitesel
Cody Metzger
Mason Mock
Dekota Plum
Dayton Ledgerwood

Chris Smith
Mason Pitman
Will Gibson
John Wayne McLain
BT Deshazo
Steven Freeman
Dylan Brannon
Kelly Hickey
Thailer Weir
Colby Lowe

Sr. Eagle
Reid Wortham
Todd Enlow
Jacob VanOrsdol
Austin Mack
T.J. Hoover
Tucker Smith
Cade Mitch
Kendall Pittser
Kyle Johnson
Haylee Nichols
Kaydee Banks

Daylen Wood
Justin Marlin
Scott Marlow
Emily Mack
AJ Carrizales
Matt Maples
Dillon Ponder
Dylan Wilson
Jayden Hopkins
Matt Morquecho

Jr Eagle
Rhett Gambill
Jacob Welch
Meghan Mitch
Austin Smith
Faith Barrett
Steven Marlow
Gracey Barrett
Brock Hindman

We also drew a random five shooters from every class to shoot one arrow for $100. Winners of that were as follows:

Carmie Bruce - women's hunter
Russel Christy - Men's Open
Michael Carmen - Recurve
Johnathan McDaniels - Hunter
Neal Burgett - Longbow
Women's open and the pro's did not have a $100 winner as they did not have enough shooters to qualify.

Milk Jug Shoot champion - Tina Williams $100
Open Simms - Rock Baker/ Chad Hilburn tied 64 w/ 4 12's $26 each
Pins Simms - Garrick Hayes 62
Pick 5 - Dave Oles $167.50
Long Shot - Luke Pettigrew $180

Thanks to everyone that came out and spent their weekend with us! Look forward to seeing everyone out next year! We are already planning and strategizing next year's event.

Creek County Archers Association

is a group of archers in Creek County coming together and sponsoring an event to be held at

Coyote Bluff Archery in Bristow, OK

Sept 6th and 7th, 2008

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