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Tuesday, July 24 2007

Did you see the new banner for the Archery Game Cube?

If not go to the home page and check it out or click here. Some of the features include 15 different games and they are promising more to come.

Here is one~

5 Card Shoot:

2-7 Players
Set Archery Game Cube at 20 yards.
Each player gets 1 shot per round and 5 shots per game.
Cube has 52 cards plus 4 wild cards.
The 4 wild cards can be used as any card your hand.
Best hand wins. *If more than 1 player hits same card, only the first player can count the card.

Then ~


2-8 Players (5 innings)
Home team is determined by coin flip. Visitor team shoots first.
First player shoots until out or successful hit.
Rotate players until team shooting has 3 outs. Then other team shoots and completes the inning.
Next inning starts with on deck shooter from previous inning.
At the end of 5 innings, team with most runs wins.

These are some really unique ideas and what a great way to entertain the kids or yourself. We all get tired of shooting x's or 3D targets so how about something new.
Imagine your child asking to shoot archery on their own!

We thought this was a great idea for archery and families, so get out from in front of the TV get the kids and go have some archery fun.


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