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Tuesday, July 24 2007

I have helped at archery ranges before this summer, but man is it a lot of work managing one.

This year we managed 10 tournaments and have one to go for the year.
At the beginning of the year before we started we decided the practice bales needed some updating. We went to work trimming and mowing and generally cleaning up a big mess. Then we proceeded to add a new bale at 50 yards since some of the classes that are at our range shoot out to 45 yards, and some of the archers suggested it would be a good thing.

Lo and behold we visited with some of the other ranges and decided that Morrell Range Targets would be the way to go. So far after hundreds and hundreds of arrows pounding them they are lasting great! These are not for broadhead use so don't even think of that.

Then we decided after more discussions that Reinhart 3D Targets were also the way to go. So far we do not regret the purchases we made, and the new scoring ring replacements were quite inexpensive and have held up well with the amount of arrows that have landed in them over the past few years.

Even Mckenzie 3D Targets have changed the foam they are using and seem to be following suit. We participated in an ASA Archery quailfier that had some of the newest McKinzie tagets and were quite surpised with the ease of pulling the arrows.
Pretty big difference from the older HD Targets they have produced.

After battling torrential rains and mosquitos we are down to one final shoot for the year in September, just in time to test bowhunting equipment on foam animals and get all the kinks worked out. Now if we could just figure out how to cure buck fever while we are at it that would be great!

It has been a good year for our local range and if you think it is easy go help volunteer at your local range. It can actually be quite rewarding setting up and trimming lanes, not to mention it sure beats watching TV.

We have met and gotten aquainted with so many wonderful archers that it has truly been a blessing and i can say it has been a great pleasure to meet and fling arrows with some great folks. We are all out for the same thing. Watching arrows flying through the air and hit the spot we were aiming for.


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