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Friday, September 08 2006

Hunting season is just around the corner folks!

I hope everyone has their bows and arrows tuned and ready. If not, now is the time to refletch and restring bows and arrows. Also don't forget to resharpen or get your replacement blades for your broadheads to ensure they are at their peak efficiency.

Be sure to wash your hunting clothes to get any foreign smells off of them so we don't tip the deer's nose off to us being there. Clean your boots inside and out and try to store all these items in a container to help keep them clean and scent free.

Hopefully your food plots are planted, and your treestands hung. Cleared your shooting lanes and are ready for opening day. It is always exciting to see October first roll around and get back in the woods for some of the finest views and events nature has to offer us.

Hey get a buddy stand or a hunting blind and take your kids. I assure you you will have the best time and create lots of memories and great friendships with our kids.

It is always a great blessing to give some food to someone who might need it and a lot of processors have  ways to get extra meat to needy families or organizations for the needy.

Again, be safe , have fun and share in the bounty that we are so priviliged to have.

Best of luck to all!!


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