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Sunday, November 01 2009

So ASA has listened to it's shooters and is implementing new scoring for pro classes. 14's will not be in play during the regular round only in the shoot down. All other classes the 14's will remain in play at all times. This will be most interesting during the shoot downs and assuredly add more excitement to the shoot downs.

Women's open class will be a 45 yard max now, and ASA is adding a 40 yard known class for women shooters. I think this will expand the groups who are shooting and give another outlet for those who are shooting better to show off their skills with longer distances. All in all it should be an exciting year in archery for ASA shooters.

to see all of the changes and schedule for ASA be sure to follow this link and see the ASA page on our site for the 2010 schedule. Good luck to those traveling the 2010 and best wishes to all the shooters competing.

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