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Dressed in ancient-style robes and clutching bows and arrows made of traditional materials, competitors at the Conquest Cup in Istanbul preserve Ottoman-style archery in a modern setting.
For families, castle vacations offer history and plenty of activities, including boating, falconry, fishing and archery.
The men at BDDW’s annual Weenie Roast show off their archery skills and finest tweed.
About 2,800 crossbows are being recalled because they may fire without the trigger being pulled.
Foam-tipped arrows and battle cries fly in Archery Tag games at the Indoor Extreme Sports complex in Long Island City, Queens.
Bhutan held the Yangphel archery tournament, its national championship, last weekend, and there was much singing, dancing and drinking as the arrows flew.
Katniss Everdeen, the bow-wielding heroine of “The Hunger Games” trilogy of young adult novels, is the major cause of waiting lists for archery lessons from coast to coast.
Reo Wilde is the top-ranked compound archer in the world, but the recurve bow is the type currently used at the Games.
LONDON - The United States men's archery team experienced both ends of the Olympics' emotional spectrum Saturday. First, the Americans were euphoric after scoring a convincing upset of world power South Korea in the semifinals at Lord's Cricket Ground. About an hour later, they were crushed in the gold medal match when Italy beat them by a single point on the final arrow of the competition. While a silver medal is hardly disappointing, the manner in which the United States lost was brutal. After scoring 27 points in their final end to cut their deficit to 1, the Americans watched as Italy scored 17 points on the first two arrows of its last series. If the final Italian archer, Michele Frangilli, scored 8 points, the United States would win outright; if he scored 9, the match would be tied; and if he scored 10, the Italians would win the gold medal after losing it four years ago on a similar last-arrow shot.
The farsighted South Korean Im Dong-hyun is considered by many to be the world’s greatest archer.
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